Вело дисага SKORPION ARB-011

Светлоотразителни ленти

Голяма чанта за багажник, за комбинация с багажник и за монтаж на колче

Голямо основно отделение

Два странични джоба с място за задна светлина


Код: c00007000arb011 Категория: Етикети: ,


● The 3M-Scotchlite reflective strip offers high visibility at night.
● High-volume rack bag, specifically designed to be combined with the sea post carrier.
● Large storage compartment with protection foam inner.
● 2 side compartments, with the tail-light attachable strip.
● 6 velcro straps to secure the bag to the rack, cannot move forwards or sideways.
● Adjustable shoulder strap which can be removed.
● High wear-proof materials with protection foam inner design.
● Extend the storage system.
● Water-resistant.