Чантичка за мобилен телефон Skorpion AGB-112 4.7″

Побира телефони до 4.7 инча

Самозалепващи се ленти за ръка 24~44 см обиколка

Прозрачено покритие позволяващо опериране със телефона


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● Velcro straps adjust to arm circumference from 24~44cm.

● 100% Brand new and high-quality armband Circumference: 430mm Can adjust the length.Washable and very easy to remove. The stylish sports armband will guard your iPhone against minor scratch, dirt, bump. Unique design allows easy access to all functions without having to remove the skin. Great for sports activities, such as Swim, Cycling , Running, Take exercising, cycling etc.Convenient and easy way to wear with daily workout, exercise, or any physical activities.